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Chromecast Ultra 4K Overview

Chromecast Ultra 4K It’s been a few years since the Chromecast has been released and the demand for 4K televisions has increased dramatically. ┬áServices such as Netflix, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Instant Video have all started to offer streaming media in glorious 4K. ┬áSince 4K TV has become the norm, it’s no surprise that Google updated the Chromecast with 4K streaming capability. What’s in the box Much like any other Chromecast, inside the box...

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Google Releases Two New Chromecast Devices

Google’s New Chromecast Device It’s been nearly two and half years since Google released the first Chromecast and they have decided that it’s finally time to release a new version. During Google’s Nexus event back on September 25th, they showed off two new devices. First, an updated version of the Chromecast. The new version has been given quite the overhaul as far as looks go while still retaining the same great functionality that we have...