Chromecast Audio Multiroom Configuration

Chromecast Audio Multiroom Setup

Traditionally a whole house multiroom audio setup would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  Up until recently, the only affordable option for whole house audio would require you to purchase a Sonos system.  If you wanted multiroom audio, you would have to spend over a thousand dollars on Sonos equipment.  Google has recently updated the Chromecast Audio and given listeners the ability to cast to multiple cast enabled devices.  This means that it’s now possible to cast your favorite Spotify playlist to multiple rooms in your house.  Here’s you go through the Chromecast audio multiroom setup process.

Chromecast Audio Multiroom Configuration

1 – Power up all cast enabled devices

Make sure all of your Chromecast Audio and cast enabled devices are powered up and connected to your network.  Follow our Chromecast Audio setup guide if you need help setting up your device.  If you have a Google Home device, you can cast music to your Chromecast Audio and Google Home at the same time.

2 – Create a Chromecast Home Group

Open the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device.  If you don’t have the app, you can download it from the Google Play or iOS App store.  Once in the app, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner and click on Devices.

Google Home  google home hamburger  Google Home Devices

This will list all of your Chromecast and cast enabled devices such as Google Home.  Find one of your Chromecast Audio devices in the list and click the three dots in the upper right hand corner.  This will open a menu and give you the option to create a home group.

Chromecast Audio GroupThe next screen will give you the option to select all of your Chromecast Audio and cast enabled devices.  Select everything that you want to include in your Chromecast Audio Multiroom group and click save.

Chromecast Audio Multiroom3 – Chromecast Multiroom Audio

Now that you have your home group created, you can begin to listen to your favorite Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora song to all of your Chromecast Audios.

Open up a music app on your Android or iOS device and click the square cast icon.  Select your newly created home group.  In the example below, home group is the name of our Chromecast Audio multiroom group.

Play Music Cast

You should hear the typical Chromecast Audio chime and your music should start playing shortly.


Chromecast Audio Setup

How to set up Chromecast Audio

If you have set up a Chromecast device before, then you will be pretty familiar with the process of setting up a Chromecast Audio.  The first step is to take the device out of the packaging and use the supplied USB cable and power adapter to power on the device.  The USB cable supplied with the device is the same as the charging cables that come with most Android phones.  Now that you have the Chromecast Audio powered up, plug in your speakers to the 3.5 mm jack.  You can use a pair of headphones for testing.

1 – Download the Chromecast App

This is really the second step (after powering up the device), but you will need to download the Google Home (Chromecast app) from either the Google Play store or Apple app store.  This is the same app that is used for the regular Chromecast.  If you are setting this up on your PC or Mac, you will need to use Google Chrome and the Google Cast extension in order to configure your device.

2 – Start Chromecast Audio Setup process

Once you have the Chromecast app installed, open it up.  You will see a screen like the one below telling you that the Chromecast Audio needs setup.  If you don’t see this, click on the DEVICES tab.  Click SET UP to start the setup process.  The next screen in the app will show you the Chromecast Audio device and a button to start the setup process. Tap SET UP again.

chromecast-audio-needs-setup       chromecast-audio-setup

3 – Play a Test Sound

Shortly after you click SET UP, the app will try to connect to the Chromecast Audio.  Once it successfully connects to the device, it will give you the option to play a test sound.  Tap the play test sound to confirm that you hear audio coming from your speakers that are connected to your Chromecast Audio.  If you heard the test sound, continue to the next step.  If not, check that the volume is turned up on your speakers.

connecting-to-chromecast-audio    chromecast-play-test-sound

4 – Name Your Chromecast Audio

The next step is to name your Chromecast Audio device.  This is so you know which Chromecast to connect to if you want to cast audio.  If you have multiple Chromecast Audio devices, I would suggest coming up with a relevant name for each device.  You also have the option to enable guest mode and to send data to Google.  Once you have typed in a name for your device, tap SET NAME.


5 – Connect the Chromecast Audio to your Wireless Network

In the example below, the name of my Chromecast Audio is Record Player and the name of my wireless network is Pizza.  For this step, you will need to know the password to your wireless network.  If you don’t know it, ask a family member or check on the wireless router that was provided to you by your internet service provider.  Tap the down arrow and select your wireless network.  Type in the password to your wireless network and tap SET NETWORK.  If you are having a hard time spelling out your password, tapping the show password box will show the text of your password instead of dots.


6 – Update your Chromecast Audio

Chances are that after you’ve successfully connected your Chromecast Audio device to your network and it will need to be updated.  Don’t worry, it will do this automatically.  There is nothing you will need to do at this point other than wait for it to finish.

chromecast-audio-update-required     updating-chromecast-audio

7 – Cast Some Music!

Now the part that you’ve been waiting for!  It’s finally time to start casting some music.  Most music apps these days support the Chromecast so this should be relatively easy to do.  All you need to do is open your favorite music app, click the cast icon and select your Chromecast Audio device.  Click play and you are good to go!  In the picture below, you can see that I have the option to cast my music to Record Player (which is the name of the Chromecast Audio device).  Tap the name of your Chromecast and start listening!


That’s it!  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!